New Homes And Road Improvement Plans For Bromsgrove

Whitford Green represents a unique opportunity to create a vibrant and sustainable new housing development for Bromsgrove.

Our vision is to deliver a sensitively designed, sustainable scheme which complements Bromsgrove and the surrounding area. The site is convenient for residents to access key local amenities, and the town centre of Bromsgrove is within walking distance.  


Whitford Green Will:

  • Deliver 505 new homes in a mix of styles and sizes
  • Provide 40% Affordable Homes. That’s 202 new homes for first time buyers, young professionals and those struggling to get on the housing ladder!
  • Kickstart infrastructure delivery in Bromsgrove with improved infrastructure and highways improvements including a new roundabout. The roundabout will be completed prior to new residents taking occupation.


Benefits For Bromsgrove

Whitford Green puts local people at the heart of its offering with 40% of the new homes being affordable. Find out more here.

We can deliver a viable and sustainable new residential development community in Bromsgrove that is sympathetic to its surroundings, sustainable and sets the benchmark standard for future development in the area.

Highway improvement works are needed to ease traffic congestion in Bromsgrove. Prior to new residents taking occupation, we will be delivering a new roundabout at the Fox Lane and Rock Hill Road junction.

In addition we will be delivering further highways improvements including signal works at Kidderminster Road/Whitford Road, along with making significant financial contributions towards other improvements on the local road network.



New homes means increased council tax receipts, new homes bonus payments and section 106 contributions that will provide the council with additional funding for education, healthcare and transport infrastructure in Bromsgrove.

More local residents means additional spend in Bromsgrove Town Centre, helping sustain existing local facilities, services and businesses.

In addition the development will provide additional jobs and local supply chain opportunities during construction.

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